When in doubt, look up.

Scorpio Moons

If I had to choose one word for how the Moon expresses herself in Scopio, I’d pick “hidden”. Meaning that, unlike a Leo or Virgo Moon, the Moon in Scorpio blends with the sun sign and other elements in its outward expression. I guess what I’m saying is it’s hard to tell. A photographer came by the Astro Studio and I was, to myself, trying to guess his sign and was getting no where. I finally said, “You’re a Scorpio Moon, aren’t you?”

He grinned and told me, “According to my wife, I am.” So there is something discernible, but I can’t put my finger on it. (Typical.)

My Dad, best friend and son are all Scorp Moons. The first two have very long-term, stable marriages and pretty traditional values: hard workers, family, god and country types. (My son is too young to say yet.)

When I think of the people and charts that I know, forgetting the Internet definition for a mo, one thing that stands out with Scorpio Moons is their stability. This is a fixed, water sign. Probably the most stable in the wheel (except for Cappy.) They are emotionally controlled people and highly strategic, very intuitive when it comes to political power, be it in the office, social group, religious organization, etc.

Whether they want power themselves or not seems to be more of a function of the Sun (and 10th house ruler, no doubt.) But they understand it clearly.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that Scorpio Moons don’t get crushed by Saturn transits. No depression, etc. I watched this time around as Saturn transited Scorpio and one lost 40 pounds (6th house) and got promoted and my Dad went on safari (9th). That’s a strong Moon, that can take a Saturn transit and go on Safari.

At the same time, would I cross them? No. These folks don’t forget and they don’t forgive. And yet, as an Aries, I wouldn’t go to war without them.


Happy 2016!

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Hello again,

I hope the end of 2015 worked out for you and welcome 2016! I’ve been doing elf work for my family and lots of readings. I began tweeting this year and started a Facebook page for the Astro Studio. If you have a chance to LIKE it or follow me, I appreciate it. I’m Margaret Louis @theastrostudio.

Every year I choose one of the major astrological symbols to learn about Β in depth. The premise is that I like to assume I know all that there is to know, but the truth always turns out that there’s more. This year, I’m studying the moon. It’s such a major symbol that all of Vedic astrology is based on it, but in the West, we identify ourselves by our sun sign (I’m a Gemini, for example.) We’d need a few astro people in the room before someone adds, “with a Aquarius moon.”

So, we all know that Moon rules mothers, women in general, memory, emotions and the sign of Cancer. Right now, as I type this, she is transiting Scorpio, a fixed, water sign. So, Mars – also in Scorpio – is ruling her. Hm. I’m going to go pull a few charts from my collection that have Scorpio Moons natally and do a little research. Stubborn, strategic are two words that spring to mind. Let’s see what else I find…

And again, Happy New Year!

Sun parallels Mercury…

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Sun parallels Mercury in Scorpio.

The Sun represents the will of the chart holder. Mercury represents communication. Scorpio rules everything that’s hidden. The transit is strongest on approach — which is now. What secrets will be revealed? Which will you reveal?

I am over here with my mouth clamped shut. Ears wide open (ok, I’m only human) but I have never seen such a delightful situation for TMI (too much information). If you are looking at your own chart, look to the house with Scorpio, look for aspects to natal planets or cusps and look at the houses ruled by Mercury. This is a fast transit. With a little attention, we should all be able to avoid blurting out to our best friend’s son that his father is not the man he calls Daddy. So no matter how much you are encouraged to engage, don’t. say. it.

North Node in the Fifth House

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Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I know that many optimists say it’s not bad luck. In fact, the Chaldeans believed the seeds of genius… did something. I don’t know. I got in a spectacularly BAD car accident on a Friday the 13th and I’ve been pretty negative about it ever since. But I’m a little superstitious. I also don’t like three and four digit numbers that can be added and reduced to equal 5 or 7. Love elevens. I say this so you will realize I’m a little out there and not pick up my bad vibes about Friday the 13s. I’m trying to be brave.

Let’s talk about the North Node in the fifth house instead. We all know that the fifth is the house of hobbies, children, romantic flings and the ego. (I see people confusing the fifth and the seventh as “relationship” houses all the time. Tsk, tsk. No.) Remember that when we are talking about the fifth house, we are still beneath the horizon. This is a “me” house where the chart holder is focused on themselves as an individual. Above the horizon (the ASC/DSC line) we find the “we” houses and the chart holder focuses on partners and the world at large.

The North Node in the fifth person possesses amazing creativity. They have a noticeable knack for making friends. Sometimes, this nodal position when afflicted can over-invest in friendships, neglecting their own development. Obviously these folks are “young at heart” (like the 11th nn) and enjoy kids. Celeste Teal comments that romances tend to have a past life connection. (Really??)

My experience with these charts is they go one of two ways depending a lot on the circumstances of their childhood and early adulthood. These folks are here to figure out how to manifest their own dreams and visions. They need to teach others to march to the chart holder’s drum. When there is determination and drive in other parts of the chart, this nodal position presages great accomplishment. When there isn’t, addiction is often the result.

This is one of the few times I will look hard at the parents (Sun, Moon, tenth, fourth house, aspects between) and the house of early childhood (third) before reading. When there is structure and a strong background, the chart can blossom in the creative fields or working with young people. When left on their own or abused, this position is vulnerable to escapist remedies. Either way, this is a idealistic soul. Treat with love. πŸ™‚

Antidotes by Element

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What to do, what to do. We are under a balsamic Scorpio Moon. UGH. Waiting for the light of the New Moon tomorrow morning. The energy grid feels to me like a creek trying to contain flood surge. Too much water (emotion.)

So, there are a couple ways to approach this. Once you realize that it’s the surrounding energy patterns effecting people, not vice versa, how do you anchor yourself so that you’re not swept away too? (For example, this is not a good day to make major decisions because you may have many regrets when the energy grid calms down.)

Should you try to use air elements… i.e. mental placements to counter balance all these emotional basket cases? Well, you can try. But my experience is what will happen when you say “I think” is that it will come out “I think I’m very upset about that…” Emotions disguised as thought.

What about fire placements? No. (Self explanatory.)

What about earth? Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. Yes, leaning into any earth placements you have or the houses where Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn reside in your chart will help today.Β Stay focused on the task in front of you and keep your hands busy. Look for a way to help someone else. Make a wreath out of autumn leaves. Balance the budget. Make homemade pasta.

Then, tomorrow after 10am PDT, we start again. πŸ™‚

Venus into Libra



Well, the Goddess of Love and Beauty has stepped onto her own Aries point. In Libra, she is strong, graceful and diplomatic. Perhaps this will give us a little relief from the Sun’s… er… intense transit through Scorpio and the mayhem Uranus and Pluto are causing in the other cardinal signs–at least until Venus reaches the square and opposition. Though Mars will get there first.

I can dream anyway. πŸ™‚



North Node in the Fourth House

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Looking at charts that have the North Node in the Fourth House today. The first thing I’ve seen a lot is this signifies one of the parents is absent. Traditional reading suggests it would be Dad who’s the absent one, but my experience is that it’s just as likely to be Mom. This is more likely (or better judged) if planets conjunct one or the other of the nodes. (For example, Sun conjunct the South Node in the tenth suggests an absent father more than simply the South Node in the tenth.)

The ideal for this nodal placement is stability. Often, they even work in real estate, farming, food and beverage industry, contractor, interior decorator… all professions that discourage flitting around the planet like a spinning top. My youngest son has this placement and we call him “the mayor” because it seems like everyone in the town we live in (population 88,000) knows him.

The fourth house North Node suggests that, in this lifetime, the chart holder wants to experience a secure and happy family life. Even if that means a less ambitious career path. I see a lot of people who come to me about their “work/life balance” and I look at their charts and wonder why they are blowing smoke at me. They want money, status and career success.

I’m not judging. Money, status and career success are great things. But why pretend to prioritize family when what you want is cash flow and applause? You get what you spend your time and talent on. However, when fourth house node people become workaholics, they blow a gasket. They are talented leaders, but this time, the path leads HOME at the end of the day, not the Hilton or Bora Bora (unless the Hilton on Bora Bora is home, then ok… πŸ™‚ )

As with the other cardinal houses, this nodal placement gets extra dignity, extra gravitas. Nodes that line up with the MC/IC axis suggest a proud temperament. When my son was three and we went for his first practice for “Little Kickers” – a soccer team for three-year-olds – he went and stood with the coaches! That’s where he thought he belonged. He had to be directed to sit criss cross applesauce with the other kids. That’s a pretty good example of this nodal position. Treat them well however, and you will find these people are caretakers and nurturers.